The Healthy Lifestyle Fashion Show

{March 19, 2009}   You have found #THELOOK09


thank-youThe 1st Annual Youth Fashion Show educated youth about healthy lifestyle choices.  This year’s fun, flashy, fashion fundraiser features Youth models aged 10-17 and their own personal vlogs on how they maintain a healthy lifestyle.

When:  Tuesday May 12, 2009, at 7:30 PM

Where:   JCCGV, 950 W 41st Avenue  Vancouver BC 

Tickets:   $10 a ticket.    Book by calling 604-257-5114 or via email at  


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Anita Cymet says:

I am so excited about the JCC Youth Fashion Show, #THELOOK09 and I think you should be too! This gives youth ages 10-17 the chance to talk about healthy lifestyle and the choices they make that help them grow into healthy young men and women. Go to the JCC on May 12th, it promises to be fantastic!

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